4DT-21-RC Conductor Tensioning Trailer
This reel trailer is ideal for tensioning 3 phases and the neutral wire on distribution line construction projects. Conductor reels
can be loaded in the yard transported to work site or quickly loaded on site. Reel loading is straight drop in design with no close
tolerance mechanisms to align. Equipped standard with heavy duty 16" steel ventilated brake rotors and articulating hand wheel calipers.
The chain reduction brake brake package as shown on right provides additional torque and enables power rewind capability.
Reel spindles ride in long lasting full enclosed polymer bearings. Three heavy duty crank stabilizers with spring retract drop legs are
bolted to the trailer frame.
Conductor Reel Capacity: (3) Reels @ 68" diameter x 54" Wide plus (1) reel @ 42" diameter. One reel 84 x 54 x 11,000 lb. can be
placed in the trailer in the second reel position for transport.
Trailer Dimensions: Length: 25" 4" Width: 94" Height: 62" GVWR: 21,000 LB. Empty Wt: 3800 LB. Payload:17,200 LB.
Optional Brake Rotors: 16" Ventilated Bronze.
Optional Chain Drive Brake System with rewind capability: Use with Utility Truck tool circuit or integral Power Pack.
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